Worn Out

October 2, 2016

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Today’s been a long day.  My son had a meltdown.  The air conditioner quit running.  The “splat splat splat” sound I’m hearing is from water leaking in thru our roof on this rainy day.  “Count it all joy…”  Not today.  My “joy scale” has been tipped in the wrong direction.  

The psalmist who penned this verse was having a hard day too…probably a hard week…and it was weighing him down so heavily that he felt like throwing in the towel.

  • Been there.
  • Done that.
  • Got the t-shirt.

No joy for him.  Just the opposite.  Sadness.  Sadness can bear down on your heart and soul to the point that you feel as if you could collapse under the weight of it.

Now it is precisely at the point of our weakness, when circumstances buckle our knees and joy gives way to sadness that we discover God’s strength, for that is when we most realize our need of it. God lets us come to the end of our resources that we might discover the sufficiency of His.  That’s when it’s time to rely on His promises.

And if you’re not feelin’ it I’m with you…but it doesn’t diminish the truth of His Word.  Here’s one of my favorite go-to verses when the day has been long, I’m running on empty, and the fun-meter is hitting zero:

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Phil.4:13

God wants you confident in the truth that, through him, all things are possible.

Every day of your lives, we have a choice:

  • I can choose to focus on the obstacles before me, or …
  • I can be confident in the truth that God will give me the strength that He has promised me.

So in spite of what kind of day it’s been I’m going to trust that God will give me just enough to get thru today whether my circumstances change or not.


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