Two Minutes Of Your Time Can Change Lives

April 22, 2015


Two minutes

Our Special Friends ministry has a LOT going on this year as we strive to BE the church our in our community!  And the scope of what God wants us to accomplish in 2015 must be undergirded with prayer.

One prayer that God has already answered this year is for our church to become a vocational training site for adults with special needs!  Every week special needs adults from the OCA Vocational Training program and learn new skills as they work side-by-side with our Food Services staff.  You can click here to learn more.  What a great way to connect with our disability community and build a bridge to First Baptist Orlando and Jesus Christ!

  1. We’re in the process of collaborating with Quest South, an adults day program, to develop “life enrichment” classes for 120 adults with special needs. The classes will enhance the quality of life for adults with disabilities. Creating and teaching life enrichment classes and serving these adults will provide tangible evidence that First Baptist Orlando desires to make a positive difference in Orlando’s disability community.
  2. We’re in the process of partnering with another special needs agency to visit 3 additional special needs adult group homes each month and provide fun activities and friendships. Last year, when we did this at The Russell Home it resulted in First Baptist Orlando planting the Gospel, a Home Life Group, that meets every week to learn about God. We want to plant the Gospel on 3 more homes this year!

Here’s where I need your help right now:  prayer.

I’m asking you to give our Special Friends ministry two-minutes of your prayer time each day.  Two-minutes a day doesn’t sound like much but it’s approximately 15-minutes a week…one hour a month.  Multiply one hour a month times 15 more people in our prayer network and that’s 15 solid hours of prayer for our ministry each month.  That’s a lot of prayer!

Here’s what I need you to pray for:

  • I’m asking you to ask God to send the right people to participate in these activities that I mentioned above. People who would be willing to be His hands, His words, and His heart to a community of people who have been marginalized by our society and even many churches.
  • I’m asking you to ask God to identify a Person Of Peace within the two organizations that I mentioned above. A Person Of Peace is an influential person within these organizations that has an extensive web of relationships in which they invite us to be a part of, and influence.

Will you do it?  Will you play an active role in this Special Friends prayer network as we strive to fulfill the Great Commission in Orlando’s disability community?

*** 2-minutes a day X 7 days a week= making a difference for the Kingdom of God. ***

I believe that you want to be a part of, and witness, something big that God is wanting us to do in Orlando!

Thank you for being willing to keep our Special Friends ministry in prayer daily!  God bless and thank you for all you do.



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