January 2015 Character Trait: Obedience

January 1, 2015


NoahOur Jesus character-trait for this month is:  obedience.

Obedience is: “Doing what God asks me to do.”

Our Scripture memory verse is:  “If you love Me, you will do what I ask.”  Jn.14:15

Our bible story is one that involves a man who obeyed God even when God asked him to do something a little “weird:”  Noah.

Here a link to Noah’s story in case you needs a little refresher.


Focus more on the first part of the story when God asks Noah to tell people to “straighten up” and build an ark.  Noah obeyed God even when others thought he was foolish.

Here are some ideas that you can implement using our acronym B.E.L.O.V.E.D. to help our learners understand the character trait of obedience:

1.  Bless Everyone

a.  When a learner follows one of your instructions, praise them for doing what you asked and connect it with the concept of obedience.

b.  Use your words to encourage them as they attempt different tasks.

2.  Love Others

a.  Show up on time and welcome them as they come into the room.

b.  Be physically and mentally present and engaged.

3.  Value Each

a.  If you have to use physical guidance do so gently.

b.  Ensure that your words and tone of voice convey respect.

4.  Discuss God’s Word

a.  Join in on what their doing and tell them the story of Noah, focusing on his obedience to God.

b.  Complete this month’s activity pages with them.

c.  Grab the small magnetic whiteboard and have them match the pictures of this month’s memory verse.

Thank you for creating a space in your busy day to serve others and help to make disciples!

God bless,



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