October 25, 2014


SFMtreeDuring October, our lesson will focus on:  Responsibility.
Responsibility:  “Showing that you can be trusted with what’s expected of you.”
Our bible story that focuses on responsibility will be:  Jonah and the Great Fish!
Jonah, as a prophet, had responsibilities to take God’s Word to other people groups.  However, he chose to escape from what was expected of him so God sent a big fish to swallow him until he changed his mind!
Our bible verse focuses on the foundation of responsibility:  Deut. 11:1 “Love God and obey Him.”
The prayer for this month is:  “Dear Lord, help me to do what I am asked.”
Here’s a few ideas to teach (disciple) our learners about responsibility:
  • Talk to them about the story of Jonah and responsibility.
  • Teach them the bible verse.
  • Help them to learn this month’s prayer.
  • Catch them doing what’s expected of them in class and verbally praise them for being responsible!
  • Complete the activity pages with them (see email attachment).
  • Model responsibility for them.
Here’s a link to refresh your memory about the story of Jonah:
And remember that a successful Sunday involves three simple things:
  1. Make our classroom a place where our learners feel welcomed.
  2. Help our learners feel valued through the way you interact with them.
  3. Teach (disciple) them something about God’s Word.
You’re the ones that help our church to show our community that All People Matter To God.
Thank you and God bless,

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