Take The Next Step: Complaint Button

ComplaintButtonThis idea requires very little preparation, making it easy for you to teach your child an important lesson about “joy” even when circumstances are difficult, boring, or challenging.

For this idea you’ll need a buzzer.  One of those really cool “That Was Easy” buzzers from Staples would be perfect!  However, any type of noise-maker will do.

It almost seems like kids come pre-wired to complain!  In our culture children can become very accustomed to having the latest gadgets, eating food they enjoy, and participating in the activities they enjoy.  On the other hand, kids tend to complain when it involves things that aren’t so fun:

  • Doing homework.
  • Cleaning-up.
  • Eating vegetables.
  • Running an errand.
  • Doing chores.

I’ll bet you could add a couple of more items to this list, couldn’t you?!

The Complaint Button activity can help you to Take The Next Step in teaching your child to identify negative attitudes and develop joyful ones…all with the help of a buzzer.  Every time your child starts to complain, have them go and find the Complaint Buzzer.  Once your son or daughter has thought of one thing to praise God for instead, they get to press the buzzer!

Try to ensure that the joyful thought or praise relates to the reason your child is complaining.  For example, if your son is complaining because he has to do his chores, a related praise might be that he has been provided an opportunity to serve his family by helping out!  Connections like this can be difficult for some kids so be prepared to help your child identify a joyful response.

Michael Woods

As parents of children with special needs, your lives are busy.  You’re prioritizing your children.  You’re  doing everything you can to invest in them relationally and to help them grow developmentally.   Let us partner with you in their spiritual development!

The Friends@FBO app is designed to provide you with one weekly idea that you can implement during your day-to-day routines to help nurture your child’s faith.  So, go to the Apple App Store or Android Market and download the free Friends@FBO app today!  After you download our free app, make sure to leave your “push notification” on so that you will receive alert messages when ideas for connecting with your child are posted!

Click here for the Friends@FBO app at the Apple Store.

Click here for the Friends@FBO app for Android.


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