Take The Next Step: Random Acts Of Kindness

As parents of children with special needs we’re often busy helping our child to learn daily life-skills such as communicating, social interactions, and self-help.  If we’re not careful the busyness of life  distracts us from looking for opportunities to teach our child God honoring character traits.  So here’s one easy idea that you can implement this week that’s focuses on our character trait for this month:  Kindness.

Have you own “Random Acts Of Kindness Day/Week.  Begin by encouraging your child[ren] to surprise each other with random acts of kindness.  Examples might include clearing someone else’s dishes, doing someone else’s chores, or helping to make someone’s favorite treat!

Some kids, especially those on the autism spectrum, may not seem too inclined to want to perform a random act of kindness for someone else.  This is NOT always the case but not uncommon for children who are not always other-centered.  If this is the case then you may need to provide the necessary prompts (verbal and/or physical) that your child needs to perform the act of kindness.  If the act of kindness requires a length of time or involves complex steps then consider breaking the activity down into smaller, easier-to-accomplish steps!

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Michael Woods

As parents of children with special needs, your lives are busy.  You’re prioritizing your children.  You’re  doing everything you can to invest in them relationally and to help them grow developmentally.   Let us partner with you in their spiritual development!

The Friends@FBO app is designed to provide you with one weekly idea that you can implement during your day-to-day routines to help nurture your child’s faith.  So, go to the Apple App Store or Android Market and download the free Friends@FBO app today!  After you download our free app, make sure to leave your “push notification” on so that you will receive alert messages when ideas for connecting with your child are posted!

Click here for the Friends@FBO app at the Apple Store.

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