Inclusion Fusion 2012: Loss And Grief In Parenting Children With Special Needs

November 14, 2012


“I love my daughter, but I have to be honest, every time another child tries to befriend her…I grieve a little bit inside.  I grieve her delays…I grieve that Evangeline doesn’t know how to make friends.”

Gillian Marchenko is a Christian, wife, mother, writer, and speaker.  Her life is not perfect.  She struggles with depression, and together with her family, God, a supportive church community, and a really good therapist, she’s working through the past and present to help make a better future for her whole family.

I cannot do Gillian’s presentation justice with any words that I might type on this page.  I’ve tried but they fall short of conveying her heart, her passion, and what God is doing through her as a parent to children with special needs.

I’d encourage you, plead with you, if you are a parent who is grieving the impact of special needs on your child, on you, and your family…watch Gillian’s presentation.  It is worth every single second of the 22 minutes that it will take you to watch it.

And when you’re done…you’ll know that you’re not alone…that you’ve found a co-sojourner on your unexpected journey.

I’m “attending” the free online Inclusion Fusion 2012 Web Conference and I’d encourage you to check out the list of over 30 great presentations on all things related to special needs ministry.  It’s free.  It’s online.  It’s convenient.  It’s important to be able to gather with other like-minded parents and professionals who recognize the struggles and the victories that every parent of a child with special needs experiences…

Michael Woods

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4 Comments on “Inclusion Fusion 2012: Loss And Grief In Parenting Children With Special Needs”

  1. Gillian Marchenko Says:

    Thank you Michael. I needed that encouragement today :).


  2. Joanne Fricke Thuman Says:

    do you have a link to the presentation? thank you


    • Michael Woods Says:

      Joanne, you can find it either at or over at Gillian’s website at
      I thought it was an awesome presentation and straight from the heart.


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