Not Alone: Mendy And Nathan

November 5, 2012

Not Alone

What’s Our Story?

Nathan was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 7. For years he had many medical issues and challenges that caused him to be in the hospital. At that time, it seemed to be our main focus. We knew things that he did were just not right. When he was diagnosed with autism and I heard those words, it was a hard situation to understand. After learning what I needed to do, I started getting him the services he needed, and we started understanding  more that had to be done. Now with A.B.A therapy  , services through a special school, support  of our family and friends, and many organizations, he is able to grow and learn at a speed that works for him. Nathan has come so far, and we can see all the changes. We thank God every day that he has provided the tools that my son needs.

Family Member Names & Ages

Nathan, 11

Mendy, 41

How We Found First Baptist Orlando?

I grew up in Ohio, and was raised in a Baptist Church. When I moved to Orlando in 1991, my family heard about First Baptist Church and started attending. We loved the church, and all the people, but most important we loved what the church stood for. Throughout the years, I would attend with my family or go to a few classes. We knew First Baptist Church is where we belonged.

What We Like About First Baptist Orlando?

The members welcomed me and my family from day one. The people are very warm and kind, and we liked that the church taught about the Bible.

How Has Being Able to Participate in Worship/Life Groups Changed My Life?

I would attend First Baptist with my family or go to a few classes, but my faith grew even stronger after losing my job of 12 years in Law Enforcement due to my child’s illness. I turned to God to help me and my son get through such a hard time. I was given the chance to focus more on my son and I am so blessed I am able to be there more for him. I have learned so much about him, and I see he makes me a better person. Having the support from the church and the Special Friends Ministry families gave us a new outlook on life and we are so thankful.

Favorite Bible Verse

Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

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Christ-follower, husband, chocoholic, and peanut-butter lover! I'm a father to triplet boys...each on the autism spectrum.

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2 Comments on “Not Alone: Mendy And Nathan”

  1. evelinda Says:

    I am so proud of Mendy and her son Nathan, they have been through a lot. I personally know Mendy when we were working as Deputies for Orange county, and other co-workers would donate their leave time or sick time for her to be able to have a 40 hour pay period. It was very hard to know that the Agency we were working for has no leave of absence without pay so Mendy and other women that have to take time out for medical reasons, by just taking leave without pay. She is such a special person and very caring for her son. I have learned from her.


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