Take The Next Step (Prayer for Self-Control)

In order to partner with parents and support them in teaching their child to pray, we’re providing the exact prayer template that we’re using in our Special Friends classroom.  This will allow parents to use the exact same learning materials at home that we are using in the classroom to nurture a child’s prayer life.  Using the same prayer template at home and school will provide a fair amount of repetition (which always enhances learning!).

Remember, our character trait/virture this month is Self-Control.  Self-control is defined as “Doing what God wants, not what I want.”  God wants us to act, react, respond, and behave in ways that honor Him.  Sometimes, especially when we’re angry, we act in ways that do not honor God.  Our prayer this month is designed to teach and/or remind your child that he can ask God to help him do what He wants.  Click on the link below to look at and print this month’s prayer template:

Prayer template: Self-Control.

Teaching a child with special needs to pray is in many ways like teaching a child any other skill or craft.  It often requires an individualized approach.  Sometimes hearing a few helpful hints will be enough to support and motivate parents who want to begin teaching their child how to pray!  Our podcast this month will help you to learn how to use the prayer template for a child who meets one of the following criteria:

  • A child who can read.
  • A child who has SOME sight words.
  • A child who is echolalic.
  • A nonverbal child who has good visual discrimination skills.

The podcast mentions the Unique Prayer but the information on the use of our prayer template equally applies to this month’s prayer on Self-Control.  Click below to listen to this short but informative podcast:

Podcast on how to use the Self-Control Prayer Template

Enjoy and email me if you have any questions!  And don’t forget to “subscribe” to our blog or click “like” on our Special Friends facebook page to be notified when our next article is published.  Oh, and to access everything quicker try our new app!

The Friends@FBO app is designed to provide you with one weekly idea that you can implement during your day-to-day routines to help nurture your child’s faith.  So, go to the Apple App Store or Android Market and download the free Friends@FBO app today!  After you download our free app, make sure to leave your “push notification” on so that you will receive alert messages when ideas for connecting with your child are posted!

Click here for the Friends@FBO app at the Apple Store.

Click here for the Friends@FBO app for Android.

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