Take The Next Step (Family Photo)

A boy receives a train set as a gift from his father, but after a few standard runs, decides it’s more interesting to crash the trains, and does so repeatedly.  A little girl thinks nothing of standing on tables and singing at the top of her lungs in public.

Some children with special needs are a little quirky and different from other children their age.  They may be creative, insightful and courageous, but they also may have to struggle with peer rejection, loneliness, and frustration. Their behavior may overshadow family events, or make their siblings irritable.  In a world that expects conformity, how do you make sure your child appreciates his uniqueness?  Psalm 139:14 is a great start:

  • “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

God loves variety!  That’s why He’s made everyone different.  As your child begins to understand just how unique (“Someone who’s one of a kind.”) he or she is, they start down a path of discovering God’s purpose for them.  Here is one great way that you can help your child begin to appreciate and celebrate their uniqueness at bedtime or anytime during your daily routine that you have a couple of minutes.

Grab a recent family photo.  Sit down with your child while looking at your family photo and talk about all the differences you see about each other.  If your child can write, make a list of all the differences.  If your child is nonverbal, then comment to your child about the differences you see about each other.

Afterwards, either talk about why it’s good to be unique (“someone who’s one of a kind.”) or say a quick prayer with your child thanking God for making him or her unique.

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Michael Woods, M.A. BCaBA

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Christ-follower, husband, chocoholic, and peanut-butter lover! I'm a father to triplet boys...each on the autism spectrum.

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