7 Heavenly Ideas For Teaching Faith At Home

August 9, 2012

Faith At Home, Interact, Time

As a parent it can be difficult to teach your children about faith. You may ask yourself, “will my children accept the invitation of Jesus Christ?” or “will they always believe?”

Truth is, chances are good that your children will accept the invitation and always believe, if you take the time to foster their faith. Rather than trying to force faith on your children or trying to teach them about faith, you should guide your kids on the path to Christ, create the right environment at home for the Holy Spirit to work, and allow them to grow into their faith over time.

Here are a few tips on how to guide your children down the path of faith:

Pray for them every day:  There is nothing more powerful a parent can do for their child than to pray for him or her.  After all, if you aren’t praying for them, who is?

Read the Bible to them:  Provide your children with a Bible that is easy to read and understand.  Filling your child’s mind and heart with scripture is like depositing gold into your bank account.  It will never fade away and becomes more valuable over time.

Have a weekly night set aside for a family devotional: This can be a fun way for the family to learn, laugh, and play together as you all grow in your understanding of God.  Make sure the Bible or the family devotions that you are reading are age appropriate.

Develop a language of faith at home:  Make it comfortable to talk about God, Jesus, and things of faith.  This doesn’t have to be “churchy” or super holy language, but instead just natural conversation that incorporates things of faith when appropriate.

For example, when you see a beautiful sunset, remark to your child on the beauty of God’s creation. When you hear a siren, pray with your child for the health and safety of everyone involved.

Also, encourage your child to listen to Christian music. Current research indicates the greatest predictor that a child will develop and carry a mature faith into adulthood is simply having regular conversations about faith with their parents!

Seize the teachable moments:  Holidays, births, deaths, transitions, and other real-life situations provide numerous opportunities to talk about faith.

Keep it simple:  Children don’t need a theological treatise about creation when they ask where babies come from.  Keep your answers simple and age appropriate.

Keep your own faith growing and active:  Children are constantly watching us and learning more from what we do than what we say.  If we want our children to grow in their faith, we must continue growing in ours.

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