Faith At Home And Intellectual Disability

July 10, 2012

Accept, Faith At Home

What if you’re the parent of a child with moderate to severe cognitive challenges?  Is trying to be more active in your child’s faith development necessary?  I believe it is, but I’d have to admit that when I attempt to teach my son (whose IQ is 44) the “lesson to be learned” from a particular bible story, its challenging to gauge how much he is learning.  I find myself sometimes pondering,

“Am I really getting through?”

Sometimes that question can make me want to give up and not every try.  However, the question “Am I getting through?” often reflects an erroneous belief that says, “I’m the one responsible for my child acquiring God’s truths.”  However,  the Bible teaches us that the Holy Spirit is our Teacher.  His role is to lead us into all truth! (Jn. 16:7-11).

I like what Michelle Anthony, author of Spiritual Parenting, reminds parents of :

  • “If we believe that the Holy Spirit is God’s chosen teacher in our children’s hearts and that He is the one who causes spiritual growth when and as He chooses, then we must be willing to cultivate environments for Him to do his work.”

I want to encourage you, if your situation is like mine, to trust God and put you best foot forward.  We need to trust Him to work in the hearts, minds, and lives of our children in the same way He worked in us.  We need to trust that He’s working with them and in them and that He will fulfill His promise in the lives of each of them.

Our responsibility as parents of children with special needs is to create environments for the Holy Spirit to do His work!  Make the most of any opportunity to share spiritual truth with your child!  Regardless of whether or not you think your child is able to understand, pray over him or her, read from the Bible, give your child a blessing, and/or sing hymns or other Christian songs to him (or her).

Do your part and trust that God will do His.

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4 Comments on “Faith At Home And Intellectual Disability”

  1. jcollierw Says:

    This article reminds me of a class time where a student with severe cognitive disabilities and supposed blindness was present. Everyone was questioning whether we were really responsible for ministering to these persons. I then watched as he unbuckled his seat belt to “mess with” his caregiver. when she saw the unbuckled seatbelt she was alarmed, but the student started laughing. We would not have expected him to play a practical joke, but he did and knew full well because of his laughter. Since then I never question, I just minister and let the Holy Spirit work within every heart and mind. God knows each person He is touching during each lesson.


  2. nowamomof3 Says:

    Geat story. I love it, and needed to read it.


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