How An “Aha” Moment Changed My Life

March 5, 2012

Faith At Home

What’s an “Aha” moment?  Is it when we say “Aha”?  Is it when the Holy Spirit gives us a moment of clarity?  Is it an awakening about something that we can use to change our life?  You see these are all questions. However if you take out the first part of the question then the question is a statement. As in:

“When the Holy Spirit gives us a moment of clarity that changes our life.” 

That’s an aha moment.  And I’ve recently had one!  How did it happen?  Several months ago our Children’s Pastor, David Holmes, posed this question in our weekly staff meeting:

“What can we do to support parents in using their influence at home to develop their child’s faith?”

At this point you may be thinking the same thing that I was:  Support parents?  What about the church?  What about childrens and special needs ministry?  Isn’t the spiritual training of our kids their responsibility?  After all, that’s what pastors and Life Group teachers are trained for, right?  Aren’t they the ones who are esponsible for faith development in children?

I admit that as a parent I was slightly confused by David’s question.  So, I marched down to the nearest Christian bookstore to find a book on the subject and try to become enlightened.  I immediately connected with the title of two books: Michelle Anthony’s book Spiritual Parenting and Reggie Joiner’s and Carey Nieuwhof’s book, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity.  As a father to several boys with special needs, both titles caught my interest.

Both books were awesome and reminded me that I have the greatest privilege of my life in front of me:  my kids.  As I continued to read this book I discovered something that I had seen before but never sunk in:  parents are God’s primary choice when it comes to transmitting faith to the next generation…not Sunday School, not children/youth ministry or special needs ministry, but P-A-R-E-N-T-S!  Reggie and Carey did an absolutely great job at communicating one important thing when it comes to parenting and your child’s faith:

“No one has more potential to influence their child than you” (pg. 27).

My “Aha” moment!  My relationship with my children gives me the potential to influence their faith in a way that no one else can!  The latest research shows that parents are 3 times more effective than the church in building faith in a child.  Yet only 10% of Christian homes have any proactive faith building in the home at all.  Because of my erroneous perspective that church was primary responsible for developing my children’s faith I’m in that 10 percent.  As a parent to boys with special needs I can not live with those statistics and not do something about it…which leads us up to where I’m at today with this post:

It’s time for a shift in thinking and direction.

The Special Friends Ministry is moving in a new direction starting in June 2012!  Spiritual Parenting, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity and my resultant “Aha” moment has sparked a passion in me that is giving clarity and focus to what we should be doing as a ministry.

I’m going to use the month of June to cast a new vision, not only in our Special Friends Ministry, but also in my own home…and hopefully in yours too.  I’m going to post a series of blog articles this month on the important of faith development in children with special needs.  I’m going to share with you what I’ve recently discovered about parenting and faith development:

  • “No one has more potential to influence their child than you.”   

Our faith in home initiative is the start of a new day.  A new day for our Special Friends Ministry and a new day for your family.  I know God is going to use it to help your family and strengthen your children for the battles they face.  My passion is to begin this in my own home and encourage, help, and equip other parents to do the same.  If you are of the same mind then you want to catch my blog post on Michelle’s book here!

What greater gift can you give your children than one that lasts for eternity?

Interested?  Convinced?  Say “yes” to finding out more about our faith in home initiative by subscribing to this blog or clicking “like” on our Special Friends Ministry page to be notified of future posts!  Michael Woods

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