Outdoor Adventures

August 16, 2011


by Doug Goddard


Last summer I’d had my eye on this nice retention pond by the toll road I passed from time to time. It had pretty level looking banks, nice reeds spaced sporadically around the water’s edge (ideal for bass to hangout) and even a parking lot for the booth workers nearby………all the signs a good bank fisherman looks for in finding his next great fishing hole.

So one Sunday after church I went out to try it.

After parking the van and lowering the ramp, I noticed it looked a bit rougher up close than when driving by from a far. The grass had just been cut though and as I’d rolled through tougher looking stuff I went for it. After all nobody else probably ever fished here so the waters should be prime for a big catch.

Well, as I mentioned the grass had just been cut and the mowers had left some pretty serious ruts around the banks. Needless to say after venturing within 4-5 feet of the water’s edge I got stuck!

Now you should know that getting stuck is nothing new for me. It does not happen a lot but I’ve had my share of flat tires, mud puddles, sand dunes and even falling out of my chair…..one time with a fishing lure and small bass hooked on my shoelace…but that’s another story.

Usually I start praying and thinking about how to get out of the situation and God sends some unsuspecting jogger or walker by to help me. This time though despite hundreds of cars zooming around me coming on and off the toll road, no help was truly in sight.

Well, after waiting, praying and waiting some more, I turned to my avenue of last resort…..calling my wife, Leanne. Now it’s not that I did not want to call Leanne, I just didn’t want to worry her. I did not want to get the usual SAFETY lecture afterwards either.

In any case, after calling and getting a few stern words on SAFTEY, she came to help me……..even rescue me and after seeing that I was ok, she gave me a few more stern words on SAFETY.

It reminded me a bit of how our loving Heavenly Father treats us when we stray a bit or have a lapse in judgment. Yes, He will share a few stern words of concern and care but He’ll always come to rescue us when we call……kind of like my blessing of a wife.

 Doug is a c5/6 quadriplegic from a diving accident he had when he was in high school. He came to know the Lord through this experience and believes that God has not only a plan but a good plan for folks affected by disabilities. One of the many blessings Doug enjoys, on top of the blessing of his wonderful wife Leanne, is that of God’s great outdoors. He loves to fish, hunt, explore and just be outdoors and despite his disability with God’s help he does!

To learn more about Doug, Leanne, and their ministry, visit www.access-life.org


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4 Comments on “Outdoor Adventures”

  1. Steve Leach Says:

    awesome story! thanks for sharing it with us. but did you continue on and catch fish – i know not the point. thanks again.


  2. Rob Jasper Says:

    WOW, what a great message!!!


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