Where do I start??

June 30, 2011


At Key Ministry, we love to train church staff and volunteers who have a heart for families affected by disabilities. Our classes are made up of folks with varying levels of experience and knowledge, but they share a common desire to see the Church reflect the Body of Christ. As our students gather more information, they often have questions for us…

  • What if a child has a tantrum?
  • How do I form relationships with parents?
  • When should I assign a buddy to a student?

The questions go on and on, and we have great discussions as a result. However, the most important question is often the one that folks are afraid to ask:

  • Where do I start?

Our answer is always the same: “PRAY.”

Sometimes, well-meaning folks will brush us off, saying, “Oh well, of course, I KNOW that, but really…where do I start?”

Again, we’ll reply, “Pray.”

We can’t emphasize enough how important this step is! Consider God’s direction in 1 Chronicles 22:19:

 Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the LORD your God. Begin to build the sanctuary of the LORD God, so that you may bring the ark of the covenant of the LORD and the sacred articles belonging to God into the temple that will be built for the Name of the LORD.”

We believe that the order of this verse is intentional: Seek first…build next. When we build our ministry in this way, we protect the Body of Christ by examining our motives and seeking His will. Our progress depends solely on His leading! Psalm 127 reminds us that “unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”

Most families affected by disabilities have experienced  disappointment in school or community programs that haven’t been well-planned or executed. This can lead to frustration, anger and cynicism; dashed hopes, along with loss of money, time and energy create hurt in already depleted souls. As the church, we must be certain that our service is built on the firmest foundation as we care for children who are made in the image of God.

Sing with me…”The wise man built his house upon the rock!”

Interested in some practical “next steps?” Visit me here or send me an email: katie@keyministry.org

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2 Comments on “Where do I start??”

  1. RelationalCrisisPrevention Says:

    Katie, love the priorities you establish in this post! When I was with the Officer’s Christian Fellowship we were always encouraged to “Pray and Plan” rather than plan what you want and then pray that God will bless it. Always seems to work out better when you seek His guidance first! Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Doug Goddard Says:

    Amen………..great reminder of priorities and how prayer is so often over looked.


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