June 13, 2011


Our community is five weeks old today! While this might not seem like a milestone, I think we can all agree that celebrating small steps is something to which we’re accustomed in this type of ministry! Thanks to all of you who have stopped by to read a post, link us to your blogs or Facebook pages, and contribute to what we’re offering here. Ministry is done best in community, and we love being part of what God is doing!

Good communication is necessary to a healthy community….the editors at Special Needs Ministry want you to know that  we welcome your ideas, blog posts and comments and concerns. Do you have a great idea that other churches might like to try? Have you planned an event that welcomed families in a unique way? Would you like to brag about your great volunteers, or share a special success story? This is the place! Similarly, if you need help with a sticky situation, or advice about managing an aspect of your ministry, don’t be afraid to post here. You’ll find that lots of leaders are ready and willing to help you as you go forward.

So, let’s get this party started! Help us celebrate the infancy of this community by leaving a comment here today…introduce yourself and let us get to know you!

Here are some ideas to get you started…answer any/all of them, or  pick a topic of your own
1. Something wonderful about your ministry
2. Something wonderful about a child with special needs (either your own child or one in your ministry!)
3. Something you have learned by visiting this blog
4. Something you’d like to learn
5. Something you’d like to teach us

If you’d rather not write much, that’s okay! But do take a moment to just say HI and hit “post…” You’re important to us, and we want you to know it! 

And, remember…this is a party! Be sure to eat cake today!

Celebrating with you…


Katie Wetherbee is the Director of Education for Key Ministry, and an educational consultant in private practice. Katie and her husband, Tom, live in Chagrin Falls, OH with their two teenagers and a quirky mutt named Mitzie. She blogs at http://katiewetherbee.wordpress.com and thinks that chocolate cake with fudge frosting is the best treat ever.




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2 Comments on “LET’S EAT CAKE!”

  1. Rebecca Hamilton Says:

    Thanks for this great post, Katie! I’m Rebecca Hamilton and I work for Key Ministry, along with Katie. I have the pleasure of meeting amazing ministry leaders like those featured here and I’m blessed by it. Let us hear from YOU…we want to get to know you!


  2. Caroline Yoon Says:

    Congratulations, Katie et al! I wanted to share a positive development with Redeemer’s Mustard Seeds in NYC. The Family Ministry is talking about adding a second classroom to our ministry–a collaborative team-teaching model that integrates high-functioning kids with special needs with a small group of neurotypical kids. May not happen for another year or so, but the we are planting the seeds. God is opening hearts and doors for this ministry in New York City. –Caroline


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