Let’s Read the Bible: Products to help all kids succeed

We all agree that reading scripture is an important part of spiritual growth. However, some kids struggle tremendously with decoding words and comprehending text. We, as church staff and volunteers, can’t solve these learning issues during the hour that we see kids each week. However, we can support them as they develop an understanding and love for God’s word.  Below you’ll find a list of ideas and products to try in your classrooms to make scripture reading kid-friendly and stress-free. 

  • Teach raps or rhymes that help kids remember the books of the Bible in order. Wee Sing  has a great CD with songs for Old and New Testament books. (There is also a “rap” for helping kids remember the 12 disciples’ names) Songs and rhymes are a great way for kids to learn their way around the Bible. In addition, a group song or chant is a wonderful way to regain kids’ attention or to help them transition to a new activity. (“As we move to the craft table, let’s sing the Old Testament books…”)
  • Upper elementary kids, middle and high schoolers will benefit from Bible Tabs, which help them find books of the Bible more easily. You can color code these in addition to using the names of the books to allow for greater speed and accuracy. (e.g. “Please turn to Luke chapter 2…Luke is a Gospel, so it will be in the green tabs on your Bible.) Bible tabs can be made as a class activity. Post-It has tabs that could easily be used for this purpose. If you choose to do this, it’s important to remember that the tabs are small, which can frustrate kids with fine motor problems as they attempt to write on the labels. Another solution: Kids Horizontal Bible Tabs, available from Christianbook.com. These are divided into categories and also have graphics for each book of the Bible; this will make locating books easy for kids who struggle with reading.
  • For some students, the visual confusion of text makes reading overwhelming and frustrating. In addition, the glare of the white page can irritate some readers. Many times, students with reading difficulties also have attention problems that interfere with fluent, focused reading. To minimize this, you can offer colored overlays or highlighter strips to help your students. These softly-colored, transparent plastic overlays highlight text to facilitate reading nad focus. In addition, removable highlighter tape can assist students with locating a specific word or verse. When trying these materials, it will be helpful to allow all students to have a turn using them; this avoids students feeling both left out or singled out!

These are just a few products that can be beneficial to students as they learn to read God’s word. I’ll bet you have ideas, too…please share them with me in the comment section, or via email: katie@keyministry.org  I look forward to learning from you, too!

Do note: This post does not represent an endorsement of any product!

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